Creek Jasper Sphere

Creek Jasper Sphere

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Creek Jasper Sphere


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We use natural crystals, there will be some natural impurities, and pits, we can regard them as natural aesthetics.
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  • Q: What is the material of your products?

    A:The material is natural crystal. Also, we can help you with custom packaging.

  • Q: How does your factory conduct quality control?

    A: We have 10 special quality inspectors, and each product has been well tested before leaving the factory.

  • Q: How long is the delivery time?

    A: Usually 5-10 days, different products and quantities will change the delivery time.

  • Q: How do you ship products?

    We can provide, by sea, express and air, also can be specified by customers.

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We will come back to you in 17 hours.
Don’t worry, we also hate spam.