Where to source crystals to sell?

One of the most common queries that occurs when attempting to start a crystal business is Where can I purchase crystals? As a crystal dealer, allow me to help you.

Amethyst quartz point wholesale GD Crystal

1.Try offline retail in small batches

The best way to start your business offline is by wholesaleing a solitary piece from an e-commerce site first, so that expenses won’t be especially high and you may feel comfortable with the quantity of inventory available. Try out your strategy in a local market, and with assurance, you’ll be able to succeed.




2.Online retailer or store.

If your business has an established position within the local economy and e-commerce can no longer meet your needs for the price and selection of your products, you need to find a stable supplier. Following are links to some recommended suppliers that you can consider for your own selection.






3.Where is the origin of the crystal?

If you need processed crystals, or have specific requirements for suppliers, your best option is to go to the country of origin and find the appropriate provider.

India, China, Brazil, and Madagascar are the primary producers of crystals. In Madagascar, one of the sources of crystals, the majority are infeasible to utilize, “homemade” quarries, measured amateur miners, and underground barrows to dig out crystals.

In Conclusion
The above three methods hope you can find a crystal supplier that can compound your requirements. Of course, you can also contact us. We are a professional crystal wholesale supplier, providing one-stop service to meet your needs.

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